12 septiembre 2006

Welcome to the Library and Information Science Wiki

A free encyclopedia that anyone can edit!

As described in the about page:

LISWiki was established to give the library community a chance to explore the usefulness of Wikis. It is not intended to replace or detract from the Wikipedia library and information science articles (or those in the printed LIS encyclopedias for that matter), but exist as a niche encyclopedia covering library-related issues. (Just as Memory Alpha, for example, exists as an independent Wiki for a specialized audience.)

The field of librarianship has already benefited from adopting innovative publishing and communication models, such as weblogs and open access archives. Wikis are quickly becoming the next big thing in the field of information. So please, have fun exploring the site. And consider contributing to the new project.

For more information, see:

Anything library-related is welcome here. This Wiki is designed to be built, edited, organized, and maintained by anyone and everyone interested -- although contributions of inaccurate or off-topic content, spam, trolling, and vandalism are not welcome.

by Cristino Montañez Soto

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